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Luftwaffe Dagger

Sold out.

Nice Aluminum 1st pattern Luftwaffe dagger in its entire splendor. Nice bright, pretty much flawless, mirror like, marked “Tiger” Solingen blade. The fit into the scabbard is smooth and faultless and the blue leather buffer pad is present. The original textured Luftwaffe blue leather scabbard is in great condition with a few minor scuffs and no damage or dents. The scabbard fittings are very nice and match in wear, and also the screws are all intact, The chain has 10 lower and 7 upper aluminum rings all in good condition and fully functional and the attachment clip is marked Ges Gesch OLC. The grip leather and triple wire wrap are superb as well as the gilding on the sun wheel swastikas on the pommel and hilt. An extremely desirable example of a later 1st Pattern Aluminum dagger by a rarely encountered and tough to find Maker.