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Luftwaffe Dagger

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Nice Example of a personalized, M1937 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger by J.A. Henckels of Solingen. This particular maker of 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Daggers is extremely rare and tough to find. The blade is very nice and portrays some age greying and spotting throughout along with the frequently encountered surface scratches and some nice crossgraining. The “J.A. Henckels” maker mark is clearly evident on the reverse of the upper blade!  The blade rates good to Very good and the blade/hilt fit is perfect. The brown leather buffer pad is nicely positioned and intact. The scabbard is magnetic steel based and has greyed with age along with the rings. There is one small negligible dent, otherwise it is dent free. There is one side throat retaining screw and the detail of the pebbling, oak leaves and acorns is quite nice. The aluminum eagle crossguard is nicely detailed with the Original’s owner’s Initials (EP) engraved in the reverse. The magnetic steel ferrule and aluminum pommel match the dagger nicely without any issues. The dark orange grip is nicely age toned with no cracks or chips, it is lighter coloured on the Obverse opposed to the reverse most likely to do to how it has been stored/ displayed in the past 80 years,(Very Unique). The aluminum wire wrap remains springy and nicely intact. A desirable, rarely encountered maker, and personalized to boot.