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SA Dagger

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SA Dagger by OTTO LINDER, Rating a 10 out of 10 on the McSarr rarity scale. No Sugar Coating here, not in the best condition by far but an honest example of an early SA by Otto Linder of Solingen which is rare in itself. The fittings show period wear and matching patina. The fittings are all nickel silver. The Blade is dotted with age spots and has been sharpened although there are minor traces of cross graining remaining. The blade itself is fully intact and the motto and manufacturer’s logo are very readable, and the fit into the scabbard is remarkably good. The magnetic steel scabbard is in fair condition with a little surface rust from bad storage and the brown anodizing is very good, it is free of dents. The scabbard fittings are of nickel silver and the ball is not misshapen. The four scabbard screws are present, and the cross guard is marked on the reverse “S” for (Schlesien). The grip, eagle and SA roundel are its strong points and present and display well. The dark deep brown grip is nice and solid. An original well-worn example of an extremely difficult maker to find!