Kampfgruppe Medals & Badges

Army Dagger

Nice Entry level Army dagger at a reasonable price. Bright unmarked and unsharpened blade with some staining and a few minor age spots. The leather washer is present and in good condition. The Scabbard is dent-free, magnetic and is corroded in a few places. It is clearly shown in the attached photos of the dagger. The details to the Scabbard band, ferrule, pommel and cross guard stand out nicely. The Cross guard is an original replacement /upgrade because the original that came with the dagger was damaged. I can include the original cross guard if the buyer so wishes.  The original scabbard throat holding screws are present and seem not to have been played with. The bright Orange celluloid grip is in good condition with a few minor cracks with little or no damage otherwise. Good entry level Army Dagger priced accordingly.