Kampfgruppe Medals & Badges

Army Dagger

Sold out.

Nice Example of an Army dagger and hanger set. Clearly marked “A.W.Jr Solingen” for the firm Anton Wingen. Nice blade with few issues and much crossgrain present and a few minor spots. The leather washer is present and the hangers are in very good condition. The Scabbard does have a small dent at the tip and a very small split in the same area. It is clearly shown in the attached photos of the dagger. The details to the Scabbard band, ferrule, pommel and cross guard stand out nicely. The original scabbard throat holding screw is present and seems not to have been played with. The white celluloid grip is in good condition with no cracks or splits although it has a little bit of soiling on it. The hangers are included and are very nice later war alloy based fully functional hangers with much detail. Nice desirable set.