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Recruitment Book

Soft cover book "Dich ruft die SS" translated as “You Call the SS” was produced in Berlin in 1942 by Verlag Hillger under the supervision of the Reichs-Fuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler. It is a recruitment book for the Waffen SS. It is soft cover with 94 pages. It measures 6" x 8" and is in well used condition.  The Black outside cover is missing front and back.  The spine has moderate wear and cracking as is typical with this style of pamphlet book.  The pages are held together with two staples, both intact.  There is some water staining to the pages and a number of pages have folded corners or some very light damage.  The books intention was to get more volunteers to sign up and become a member of Himmlers "black order." The book is divided into two main chapter. The first chapter is on the structure, career opportunities.  The second chapter contains ten war stories of brave honest and patriotic SS men, mostly from the Russian front. On the back is an application for voluntary service in the Waffen SS which remains blank. A very rare book in fair condition. A great addition to any SS collection.