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The British ‘Lusitania Medallion’

A British ‘copy’ of Goetz’s first issue ‘Lusitania Medallion’ may be identified as follows:The date in the obverse text reads ‘5. MAY 1915’ and not ‘5. MAI 1915’. The copy has a much cruder finish and loss of detail. The text on the copy tends to be slightly larger and certainly more crudely formed than that of the original.The British replicas were sold in an attractive cardboard presentation box with a hinged lid. The proceeds were directed to St Dunstan’s Blinded Soldiers and Sailors Hostels and the Red Cross. The outside of the lid is decorated with an illustration of the liner steaming from left to right, below which are six lines of text – ‘R.M.S. LUSITANIA: CUNARD LINE. 32000 TONS: SUNK ON HER RETURN JOURNEY FROM THE UNITED STATES BY A GERMAN SUBMARINE MAY 7TH. 1915’. The inside of the lid bears sixteen lines of  propagandistic text hammering home the disturbing ambiguities offered by the German original and stating that the piece ‘is proof  that such crimes (the sinking) are not merely regarded favorably, but are given the thumbs up in imperial Germany
Box worn Medallion in VG Condition